The West Palm portion of the @SpectorSoft marketing team out to a BBQ lunch. People gotta eat. (at Park Ave BBQ & Grille of West Palm Beach)

Bigger is better? #Kromaro #502 (at Krow’s Nest)

I guess political campaigns are excluded from CANSPAM unsubscribe policies? Similar to the annoying ROBOCALL exception.

Nice ‘65 Fastback in the parking garage today. Not a Stang fan, but this one was pristine. #Mustang (at SpectorSoft Corporation)

Undivided Attention: “Whatcha eatin’ Daddy? Can we have some too?” #Golden #Aussie (at Krow’s Nest)

#Florida (at Guanabanas)

Red Grouper @ Guanabanas Grill

Potato crunch style with corn pudding and rice & beans

Via Foodspotting

This thing looked cool but was severely underpowered.

Our Easter… er, Austra Bunny, Becca Boo. #aussie (at Krow’s Nest)

Beautiful old Birmingham Small Arms (#BSA) #motorcycle @ Wheels Across The Pond. Great color & chrome combo! (at Carlin Park)

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