It’s so weird to look out to the horizon and see a giant, snow-covered dormant volcano. #NotInFlorida (at Mt Hood, Oregon)

A view from the bottom to the top (at Multnomah Falls)

At the bottom of Multnomah Falls before hiking 1.25 miles up to the top and then down again in the dark. #PDX (at Multnomah Falls)

Cutest booth staffer award goes to: Kai in Costellini’s booth. I’m jelly he gets to sleep during the show. Gina would kick me if I tried that. #TradeShowLife #CoffeeFest (at Oregon Convention Center)

Trade Show Pitches: “We realized it was too good not to share with the world.” Hmmm? #OH #CoffeeCakesSaveTheWorld #CoffeeFest #TradeShowLife

This booth babe knows how to give the @uvulids pitch. #TradeShowLife #CoffeeFest #MyMilkshakeBringsAllTheGirlsToTheYard (at Oregon Convention Center)

How ‘bout those Miami Dolphins? I see a pic Cori wearing a Dolphins jersey in the near future. #Bet #GoFINS

Breakfast bevvies (at Bad Habit Room)

Sitting in a Packers bar in Portland, OR at 10am eating breakfast and watching people drink beer. Surreal. (at Bad Habit Room)

OMG! We got VD in Portland! #Doughnuts #SoManyOptions #FatKid (at Voodoo Doughnut)

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