Disappointed in Apple right now. Hate the new sized phone. I could get used to it tho. Impossible to sync via wifi, iTunes or anything. FAIL

1 hour later… and too late to ride now. sigh Go home Florida weather, you’re drunk.

Didn’t even get them off the rack. Sad. (at Camp Murphy Mountain Bike Trails)

Damn you, Florida weather! SoCal looking better and better. #Bicoastal (at Camp Murphy Mountain Bike Trails)

Obligatory shot for iPhone 6 Release Day. Form factor review: I like the rounded edges, very thin & light, protruding camera bezel is poorly out of character for an Apple product, the thing is just way too big. The Plus is going to be ridiculous in size.

The I and O keys are entorely tii clise in the oPhine keybiard. #FatFongers

Putting on a button down shirt, I go right arm first and do left arm backwards reach. No problem. Going left arm first… almost impossible.

Sittin’ on a dock, by the way. #ilovewpb (at Downtown Waterfront)

My progeny.

Emily’s painting #nofilter #AppleDiesntFallFarFromTheTree

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