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OMG!! I’m melting… #Florida #HOT #AfricaHot (at The Home Depot)

Wishing Mark & Marnie a bon voyage and happy new life in Philly. (at Rocco’s Tacos & Tequila Bar)

Gooseberry Cove Cod @ Rebel House

Yup… it was like a Thanksgiving meal with turkey replaced by fish.

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"We spent most of the next days, lookin’ at the x-rays. Talkin’ bout the options and talkin’ bout sweet time…"

We opted to do a fine needle aspiration biopsy over the more invasive and anesthesia-required full biopsy and CT. There’s no doubt now that it’s cancer, and more than likely osteosarcoma (bone cancer), so it’s more about the options for treatment to simply manage pain and give her the best quality of remaining life.

There’s the ‘do nothing’ approach where she just stays on pain meds, keep her comfortable without turning her into a zombie. They estimate she would only have about a month. #tears

The most aggressive protocol would call for removal of the cancerous area coupled with radiation therapy once a week for 4 weeks. Again she’d have to be put under and we’re talking about removing the entire side of her lower jaw and it looks pretty high up into her TMJ joint. She’d have to go through recovery, learn how to eat without one side of her lower jaw, plus the radiation has some side effects to it… all which may only give her a year. #sigh

The option that looks to be the best (lesser of the evils) is going with chemotherapy to stop the cancer’s growth and prevent or control it from metasticizing elsewhere and causing other problems. This combined with IV-injections of pamidronate to slow the deterioration of the bone could give her the highest quality of life for about 6 months. #sad

It comes down to the fact that she’s a 13 year old, large breed Golden Retriever, that is at her life expectancy (estimated around 90 years old in human equivalent). She may not seem that old because her mind, heart and soul are willing, but it’s her body that carries the age by not being able.

Through whichever course this goes, we’ll cherish whatever time she has left with our family and continue to spoil her as we always have.

Damn, I’m gonna miss her.
(at Animal Cancer Care Clinic)

Seeing the doggie cancer specialist - hoping for good news. (at Animal Cancer Care Clinic)

This is crazy, I don’t know why but that ‘Call Me Maybe’ song is stuck in my head. Ahhh!

Great win tonight 15-0 vs. our friends, Vicious & Delicious. We finally put it all together this game. #kickball (at PGA National Park)

Got to see our regular vet today. She agreed with the first opinion of bone cancer but was encouraged by the good week Sandy had on the pain management regimen. Next step is for the x-rays to be viewed by a radiologist. Then a visit with an oncologist to see how widespread or isolated it may be and gauge the duration of the quality, pain-free life we can still give her. #Golden #DogLife #FurBaby (at Fondren Pet Care Center)

Gina has me watching men’s American Ninja Warrior. Srsly? Why isn’t there a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue comp, selection & shoot show?

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