Favorite pastime: eating anything we’re eating. Like daddy’s ice cream. Yummy! #GoldenRetriever #LastDay #CancerSucks (at Krow’s Nest)

Favorite pastime: puppy kisses - really gonna miss those! #GoldenRetriever #LastDay #CancerSucks (at Juno Beach, Florida)

Favorite pastime: The beach. It’s so calm today, but can’t swim :( #GoldenRetriever #LastDay #CancerSucks (at Juno Beach, Florida)

Favorite pastime: fetch the racquetball (and how many can I get in my mouth at once) #GoldenRetriever #LastDay #CancerSucks (at Krow’s Nest)

Favorite pastime: sniffing everything. There are so many interesting things out there. #BigSniffer #GoldenRetriever #LastDay #CancerSucks (at Krow’s Nest)

It so hard to say goodbye… #puppylove #GoldenRetriever #cancersucks (at Krow’s Nest)

My new girlfriend… she hearts me. (at Guanabanas Island Restaurant and Bar)

Thank you. For 15 years (and as of today, 11 of them legally hitched) of putting up with my mountain bike trips (with or without you), buying crazy toys (Hello Kromaro), occasional bouts of road rage (my low tolerance for stupidity), the weird collections of things (and they’re public display in our home), my need to brand everything ‘KROW’, semi-rooting for my Dolphins (while enjoying your Giants’ Super Bowls FML), my willingness to start a fight with any company over principal (again stupidity), making sure I didn’t eat out (or have cereal) every night for dinner, stocking the house with cookies and ice cream (and only a modicum of chastising for eating them), being my travel companion as me make our way around the world, and dealing with (and only teasing me a little about) my OCD and procrastinating perfectionism. plus indulging me jumping out of planes, diving with sharks and always open to new, exciting experiences. I look forward to many more. Love you always!
#11years (at The Capital Grille - Palm Beach Gardens, FL)

Time to get reacquainted with my old lunch haunt. (at Yard House - Palm Beach Gardens)

I ❤️ my 🐶! (at Krow’s Nest)

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